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This is a very delicate material that needs to be handled with particular care and attention.

How you handle or deal with competitors in your blog will speak volumes about a person like a person and as a business.For the most part, always take those high road and never get caught up within a public and nasty feud with one more blog or business.Dealing with competition in GeneralYou need to rarely mention the competitor by title. Pray to be stronger males.??? After the items are constructed, you will need to either place all of… Continue

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I love down town HDR art Houston Texas

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PPSOP november class.

My Blog is geared towards teaching and information, with several categories that cover a wide range of ideas.

One of the posts I like to share is to show some examples of my students that have taken one of my online classes at:

When you have a moment, take a look at some of my favorites that my November class had taken based on the Elements of visual Design and Composition they work on and incorporate into their thought…


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Call for Artists

> Made in America: Notable African American Women

> National



> Notable African-American Women - February is Black History Month. Evolve the Gallery is looking for African-American FEMALE artists' unique visual perspectives on a wide variety of subject matter to include family, sports, history, art, entertainment, politics, education, society, etc. Open for African-American FEMALE ARTISTS ONLY. Entries must represent… Continue

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My First Post

Amazing. I just found out that this site has a place for me to share with others on the web. Great. My posts are clean. Sometimes brief. Usually include a photo or videoscape. Photo from a recent series. The Reader. (Cape Town, South Africa, Bo-Kaap Quarter.)… Continue

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Sharing and Social Outlets

One of the things that drew me to this site was the fact that it offered the tools and other help to market artwork of up and coming artists. It sounded like great idea, but am I missing something here? How does allowing people from all over the world share my works, again, all over the world. I have looked at the settings there doesn't seem to  prevent it other than limiting access to my friends only. How exactly is it that that helps me sell my art? I am having trouble understanding this…


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New Faces in Photography Blog

Hey guys!


I just stumbled upon this photography blog focused on 'fresh faces in photography'. New up and coming photographers are interviewed; giving details on how they got started, what training they've had, and where their inspiration comes from.


It's really interesting so I thought I would share the link:


Coming Up Strong

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Blessings of a Spring garden

Let's take back the blog post list and have real blogs not just spam !

I like TEA ..The Emancipated Artist and want to start promoting it to others so I have decided to try to start blogging here hopefully once a week . maybe just pictures but I will try to share something . Ihope you will do the same .…


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Work like art, art like work

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Group Think, EA Community Poll RESULTS!

We have a winner, and her name is Catherine!  Her artfully manipulated photo casts an eerie shroud over the snowy landscape.  Well done!  Visit the Group Think Community polland see the new challengers Catherine is competing against. 



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iPhone Photographer


I'm out and about a lot, and often forget to bring my camera with me.  I tried to correct this nasty habit, even going so far as to publicly announce that my New Year's resolution would be to carry my camera with me…


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Book Review: Get Your Photography On The Web by Rafael "RC" Concepcion

RC Concepcion, education and curriculum developer for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals, continues to empower home-grown photographers with the tips, tools and advice needed  to launch a successful photography career.  His newest book,…


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Studio software?

'Hello, I am in need of Photo Studio Management software is there a mac and windows based software that will schedule clients, bill, work with Quickbooks, accept credit cards, inventory customer jobs, materials, travel expenses, keep track of equipment and log employee hours?'

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Hello to everyone and a little introduction

Hello, I have just joined the community today in hopes of finding a new venue for my art and to see some different ideas and viewpoints. I have a site at Deviant Art, : as well as at Win Customize, My artist name is skyzyk. I've been using Digimarc, basic, for quite some time now and just found out about this community. They (me) say there are no… Continue

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Group Think, EA Community Poll RESULTS!

It's a Tie!

Our first photo challenge Community Poll was the most popular poll to date!  It was a tough fight, but TWO photographers rose to the top.  The winners are Emily Jones and Dannell Powell!  Their featured work survives to battle it out again against two new photos.  Who will win? You decide!…


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Nature Photographer Christopher Dodds

I want to direct everyone’s attention to the Artist Spotlight Forum, where we are excited to share with you the thoughts and insights of nature photographer Christopher Dodds.  His photographs tend to focus on the avian varieties of wildlife, with stunning pictures of owls, eagles, puffins, and more.  His photographs demonstrate the high level of dedication needed in nature…


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Group Think, EA Community Poll RESULTS!

What's your favorite crazy Crayola Crayon color?



It's a…


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A little holiday poem

You are all talented artists, in your own right, so this holiday season spread joy not with money, but with your creative delights.  A gift from the heart is worth two from the store, so take some time to create and your gifts will be enjoyed more.  :)  HAPPY…


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Photographers: Draft, sign, store, and share contracts directly on your mobile device.

Photographer's Contract Maker is a nifty application that runs on any iPod, iPhone, or iPad.  The application costs $2.99, and has several contract templates that can be edited as needed.  This application is different because it automatically inserts the names of the licenser and licensee into the wording of the contract.  Best of all, clients can sign contracts directly on the mobile device, and contracts can be emailed in PDF or JPEG format for easy digital contract management.  This is a…


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Is your artwork missing something? Use a scanner to insert unique and interesting objects.

Scanning can be a great way to capture the intricacies of physical objects, colors, textures, and shapes you experience in the real world, and incorporate them into your artwork.  Capture the vibrancy of a fresh-picked flower, and then use that color as a background or accent color.  Save the cocktail stained bar napkins from your night…


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