Professional Artist Spotlight | Nadav Bagim (AimishBoy)

Name: Nadav Bagim (a.k.a AimishBoy)

Job Title/Description: Photographer

Personal  website:

What’s your camera of choice?
Canon Eos 60D with a Canon 100mm 2.8 Macro lens.

Finish this sentence:
Taking pictures makes me feel like a child again, curious and being able to have just plain fun without self-awareness.

What subjects do you love capturing the most?
Animals, preferably the small ones that are usually hidden from the eye. There is a small world all around us and just under our noses that is filled with action and stories. We just need to pay more attention to it.

Who are some of your photography icons?
I can't really say I have photography icons. There are a lot of talented photographers whose work I appreciate, but if I had to pick an icon it would actually be Salvador Dalí, the painter.

Where do you find your inspiration to keep your photography fresh and creative?
Most of my inspiration comes from nature itself, I try to keep an open mind and experiment as much as I can in order to discover new techniques and ideas. I am also a sci-fi, fantasy and cartoons fan, so elements from those genres have an effect on me as well.  Another great place for inspiration is the Internet. 'deviantART' for example, is a huge on-line art community that is not limited only to photography. That diversity offers new view points and helps me think outside the box.

What was your most fun or crazy photography moment from this past year?
I think that the most fun was when I shot the first successful shot of the WonderLand series, the Snow globe ant, when I saw the results on the camera's LCD I just jumped up and down in excitement. I had to strain myself to stop jumping and continue with the shooting session.

What’s the key to doing what you love AND making a living?
The path between doing what you love and making a living off of it is a very fine one. You could easily stray and be left without your love or income. I believe that the key to stay on that path is to consider your steps very carefully and be aware not to take offers that might yield high profits at the start but could also cause you to stop using your camera at the end. On the other hand, be open to new opportunities even if the income from them is not that high as long as you enjoy it and acquire new knowledge in the process.

Are there any Photography Associations that you belong to or recommend being a part of?
I don’t belong to any photography associations, but I am involved in the major on-line photography communities such as deviantArt, Flickr, 500px and

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